"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

Finding my feet

Moving to a new place can be frightfully boring to people who are interested in where you are going and what you have been up to.  Major achievements are things like finding the grocery and one’s way to (and from!) work.  I am hoping to soon have an established bank account to make budgeting that much easier.  But these seemingly mundane things are quite difficult on arrival.

I am only just now starting to get adventurous regarding the bus system.  Comparatively, I do not have a lot of experience with public transportation but I have lived in places where basic knowledge was required.  It’s hard when the network is extensive, but I am quite excited that my memory served me properly to the point where I could identify the bus that stops closest to my house after grocery shopping at a new market.  I have seen signs for buses that run up the hill I live on, but I didn’t quite trust myself to remember the numbers when I was waiting.  Further investigation of the routes revealed that I was correct.  So I have managed to figure out how to avoid the walk up the hill when I am carrying groceries.  Score one for adaptation.

My next week isn’t so heavily time-tabled so I am looking forward to exploring more of my city.  It’s a bit challenging as a lot of exploring has to be accomplished by 700p or so because then the city effectively shuts down.  The goal for next Saturday is to post some pictures so you can get a sense of the city… but that means I need to get out a bit more.

Personally, I’m a bit amused that I will know more about some other cities by the time I get around to exploring where I live.  Last weekend, I commuted to a nearby town for the purposes of locating the church that houses the local Orthodox community.  Presently, I’m venturing a bit further out to visit a good friend for the weekend.  In a couple of weeks, I hope to head up to London so rest assured that I’m seeing the country.



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