"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

The View from the Back of a Motorcycle

Recently I had the joy of making a long-haul trip on a motorcycle.  My dad and I rode about 14 hours together over the course of two days.  It’s interesting being the passenger on the back of a motorcycle.  Generally, it’s one of my favorite forms of transportation.

Being on the back of a motorcycle affords one the rare position of embracing the process.  Part of the big thrill of motorcycling is experiencing the countryside in a different way.  The Interstates lose their appeal for more curvaceous back roads with wonderful scenery and a lot less traffic.  Yet, it does not take a whole lot before you want to cry “Uncle” as you’re buffeted by winds associated with traveling at 50-60 mph.

The winds make the transportation interesting as you are alone in your thoughts (because it is incredibly challenging to communicate) while entirely dependent on the driver.  You have your choices about how to deal with the winds, with the incredibly obvious way of closing your eyes and taking cover behind the driver.  While an obvious solution, you miss out on pretty much all of the fun reasons to ride on a motorcycle.  I’ve gotten a sense that the full-face helmet affords some decent eye protection.  Moreover, I generally like my dad’s selection in music so we jam a bit.  (What’s not to like about having a really good reason to blare music loudly?)  But, as all of the controls are in the front, I’m pretty much along for the ride unless I make suggestions.

As I was riding along this weekend, the obvious parallels with our life in Christ struck me.  Regardless of the gear we put on, we can trust in Him.  Yet, if we learn how to put on the armor of God, we have the benefit of some more perspective.  Additionally, as we tune into what Christ is up to, we experience more joy on the ride.


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