"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

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Internet Issues

As the subject indicates, I’m having issues with internet access from my current location.  Posting may become a bit sporadic until I can get a reliable wireless connection again.

Stand by…



I’m exhausted but finding that refreshment can come in interesting ways.  Working upwards of a 16 hour day can be quite exhausting which is why my blog posts have been entirely short.  I’m still trying to keep something meaningful going but the brain synapses are just not quite there.  Tonight, I am just simply aiming my head towards the pillow.


I find myself in an interesting gig this summer that I like a lot.  I am having a chance to teach the principles of engineering design to an engaged group of students.  Yet I find myself constantly constructing arguments to defend the principles “that matter” relative to my goals and aims for the course.  Authority carries with it considerable obligation and requires an incredible amount of persistence to stay the course in the original vision.

Yet I find myself stumbling when I look for the whole picture.  We have this natural tendency to shove everything into a box, where each thing can be discretized in wholly unique boxes and held separate.  People seem to resist any attempt to retain a sense of the complex interconnected continuum.  But if a principle one wants to teach is that everything is connected to everything else, then one fights seemingly an uphill battle on two fronts.  First, persons within a Westernized cultural framework appear to resist the continuum outright.  Second, instructors face an incredible task making complex systems accessible.

Where does one put the door?

The entry point to the complex, interconnected world of engineering can be hard to find.  But it seems that all complex spaces and realities need doors of some variety.  So maybe, just maybe I’m getting a sense of what Jesus meant when He said “I am the door” as He is our starting point to comprehend the infinite vastness of the Divine.