"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

Layer upon layer

So I had planned to just let this be a throw-away post of letting you appreciate one of my absolute favorite Florence and the Machine tracks.  (I find this track is best enjoyed at great volume. Enjoy the next 3 minutes and 30 seconds.)   [As an update, I replaced the official music video with a music-only track that permitted embedding.]

But, as seemingly is my custom, I got to thinking about things.  A couple months back, I stumbled across a YouTube video where she performed this song live.  I was actually sorely disappointed when I heard it… and I wasn’t frustrated with the percussion section.  The vocals were quite shallow.

Further investigation revealed that Florence Welch constructs lyrics virtually through laying down one track after another.  When she performs live, she does not use background vocalists or a pre-recorded vocal back track so the vocals are much shallower. [NB: I still would be really interested in seeing her live so don’t let this criticism influence informing me of her tours.]

Life is constructed, layer upon layer.  Each new experience adds depth and meaning to what came before.  No experience occurs in a vacuum.  Sometimes what appears to be a mistake in one layer weaves into a feature on another.  It’s really a mess.  And it is why we need to practice something so seemingly benign as being human.

And for a wicked awesome way of dealing with layered music live, may I present Imogen Heap?


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