"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

Transforming our spaces

One real challenge of e-wastes is related to our whole concept about trash to begin with.  However, I have seen at least a few articles related to 100-sq homes.  If we had this limited amount of space, then how might our lifestyles change?

A cardinal rule of dwelling space size seems to be that you fill the space you have. You can fill it with any number of things such as furniture, books, toys, televisions, or a general sense of stuff.

But it also seems that smaller spaces produce considerable discourse about what people bring into the spaces. I know many families who consider up-sizing when inviting a new baby into the family, particularly if they start with a small space. Yet there is something about really tiny spaces that lead us to assert that the space is unlivable.

I think tiny spaces bring with them a sense of an “exit strategy.” I do not want to bring something in unless I am sure I can bring it out. Even something as benign as a vacation invites considerations of exit strategies: can I fit what I am planning to purchase in my luggage? Am I likely to incur a fee? Do I really need this?

What if the same held true about our living spaces? Would we consider that “new, really cool flatscreen TV” if we had to consider how to get our existing TV out of our house? Would we consider that new set of speakers if they required a permanent installation?

How might small homes feature our personality?  Would we be apt to want a TV that could display an artistic image while turned off so the blank screen did not become an eyesore? Would we take Murphy beds to the whole new level? Would the house be small enough to be self-powering off the grid through solar panels and rechargeable batteries?

I think we are a long way from valuing small spaces. Architecture in most places does not value a sense of the small, preferring to envision how to open things up. Minimalism remains a quirk. Kitchen appliances continue to get bigger and have more features. What could be done regarding compelling design to help make a 100-500 sq foot home a reality?


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