"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

The rudder of transformation

Author’s note: This post represents the second installment of investigating what it means to put on Christ.

I have a daily custom of reading the New York Times. I started in college and have kept it up as a discipline because reading the news keeps me informed of current events and gives me insights into how the world functions around me. The Times has quite the array of coverage that represents some of the best journalistic practices. It is pretty fantastic.

I recently read this article addressing Haiti’s Do-It-Yourself Recovery, which provided some fantastic insight as to how to approach healing and restoration on many levels. In particular, I marveled at how the Haitians seem to have put off the idea of complaining.

I cannot think of a more human process than complaining. We seem to complain so well so easily. One needs to extend little effort to complain; many people can always find something about which to complain. Yet there seems to be a constant exhortation to STOP. Just stop, full and complete stop, total stop… to the point of turning around. And now I think I have hit the theme of repentance again where it seems like our tongue acts as the main component of our ability to repent.

Yet the Haitians show us just what can be done when enough of us stop complaining. People who do not complain while endeavoring to do the little that can be done invoke a sense of awe and mystery. They do not stop and relish in worldly attention. They focus and keep at work. They accomplish what can be done in the day with the resources they have and do not waste time thinking about all of the “if only”s in the world that surround us.

When we put off complaining, we can shift our whole selves towards putting on Christ.


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