"The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God." -St Irenaeus of Lyon

Behold, the power of through-put!

author’s note: I would like to see Fridays become a bit of a reader’s forum where I offer my perspective to your questions.  My blog here deals with the topics of culture, education, engineering and theology so it casts a fairly wide net.  Barring a start from a reader, I will pull from my Twitter feed when I think a tweet can use a bit more explanation.

So today’s starting thought is: “Life in an instant society serves as a breeding ground for impatience.”

Now it could be that I just watched the Story of Stuff.  Or it could be that I recently read Fast-Food Nation.  Or it could be that I occasionally contemplate what life would be like if I only had 100 things to call my own.  But I think there is something remarkably wrong in our consumer-driven society that has “MORE!” as its rallying cry.

Lent can be a helpful time to consider a model that differs from consumerism, even as I admit to faltering rather spectacularly in that regard this year.  When life gets busy, the busy go out to eat.  But is not that part of the problem anyway?

Instant societies allow us to run ourselves ragged to the point where we have nothing left.  We dull our pain through the immediate acquisition in the present moment.  And why not?  The stuff is available and we have the resources to go for it.  Taking the time to discern how something will and may affect us often times to move beyond the basic “I want!” of childlike reasoning.  But we hit critical problems when we come to expect an incredible amount of through-put…

We push ourselves… higher, faster, stronger, longer.  We critique God’s… timing, grace, gifts, purposes.  We excuse ourselves of… responsibility, consequence, enjoyment, life.  We mock… humility, generosity, selfless actions, love.  We start to trust our… selves, capabilities, ideas, processes.  And we lose the act of living.

Surely there has to be a more excellent way.  But how can this abundance be found when we focus primarily on material abundance?


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  1. Not got any questions or anything just wanted to say welcome to blogging

    12 March 2010 at 5:48 am

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